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deserted swan by ssilence deserted swan by ssilence
Taken with the Konica 300z. I hope you like this one ;) (Wink)

Greets and thanks to all
S. Silence
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wiildxchild Featured By Owner May 20, 2007   Photographer
the framing is beautiful! and the monochromaticity of the colors! :+fav:
sketcherjak Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2005
Awwwww.. so sweet.
psychotika Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2005
i like it ! :D
kaemera Featured By Owner May 31, 2005
dont use that font silly
sydneyrome Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
Sumptuous.. almost other-worldly!
Aeleanor Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2004
Just amazing :D
TerrorCookie Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
Aww, he looks so sad. :( ...lovely shot though.
chirilas Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004  Professional Photographer
it is an elvish gate :)
exhilarated Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
Laurake Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004   Photographer
QuoiQueCeSoit Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2004   Photographer
that is so amazing! i love the composition and the arch, the sorta frame in a frame, and the whole color scheme with that swan freamed perfectly in it - the water seems to calm and clear, it's really beautiful!
fantastic job!
how do u do it?
Aenor Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
tres beau
kil1k Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
this gives me a big emotion when i look at it,
the soft colors, the framing with the decoration,
some beautiful details

wow :) a really nice photo !
joaninhah Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2004
Just... beautiful! :)
jaded-silence Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003
This has a tragic-romantic quality to it - the use of colour and tone is fantastic. Excellent shot - the contrast and border work very well.

your gallery is mind blowing. :D

x kate x
roomzeiss Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2003
Great composition... almost surreal... " +fav" ...
jay8272 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2003
hello ssilence ,

i show all your photos . i like you work very much . if u don't mind i want to use this photo as a back ground of my new wall papaer. so, please give me reply what can i do ?
dancingdryad Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003
Is that framing a window? Whatever it is, it adds so much to this picture. The photo conveys the chill of the day perfectly... I almost expect to see my breath while looking at this. I agree with *addigdifworld, it is more peaceful than lonely.
addigdifworld Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003
The "natural" frame is perfect, of course. Although the swan looks lonely, it also has an aire of peace. Blue has always such a calming effect on me... Is is somewhere at the Starnberger See?
ink-brains2 Featured By Owner May 12, 2003   Photographer
perfectly framed. love the lone duck swimming there on its own, and the tones and shadings are really nice. good work!
xdavidfotox Featured By Owner May 11, 2003   Photographer
i agree with ~xgenesisx... very lonely, but so beautifully framed! very cool.
16stepper Featured By Owner May 4, 2003
Absolutely perfect framing, color, and composition. Lovely. Would enjoy a print of this.
ni9elives Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003
the frame of the gate adds complexity to this serene ocean scene. i can see a mermaid sitting in the gate almost, looking out to the sea... this one inspires me to draw something :) (Smile) i think it will go into my favorites.
C-Novack Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2003  Professional Photographer
What makes this one really stand out and eye catching is the "framing" of the window/gate. It is a real object that is there but it acts as a frame that calls our attention to the swan. Not to mention the the gate/window is also seemingly delicate in nature with it's circles and vine scrolling.
mistressgala Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2003  Professional Photographer
I really love the surreal feeling to this. The colors are great as well and of course the swan is just perfect.

You do some great moon manipulations and I wonder what this would look like with a big moon hanging in the background and some twinkle effects on the water surface? Just a thought :D (Big Grin)

Either way, a beautiful picture, +fav
blindbird Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2003
I knew that I have forgot about something!!! COLOURS!!Colours are marvelous!!
blindbird Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2003
Just swan but so mistic.. so peacefull so lovely..
composition is really lovely and melancholic..
love it:D (Big Grin) +fav
deverall Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
awesome work. i like your framing. was this the actual shot or did you add the frame/snow digitally. if its teh actual shot then great job
quidgybopper Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
That's beautiful!
At a bit of a loss for words really, it's just beautiful.
plug-28 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2003
Another great photo Ssilence! I love the composition, itīs so illustration-like! If you know what I mean.
The swan breaks ellegantly the ultra simetric composition making giving more life to the image.
mayshing Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2003  Professional Filmographer
Yes I do like this one~ :D (Big Grin) Very unusual framing... I love how we can look to a scenary through the arched gate~ With a swan catching our eye as it stretch to it's back and clean itself... With the blues it looks very romantic. ^_^
jarinteractive Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003   Photographer
Great framing of a good picture!

stoneviper Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2003   Photographer
awesome man!!!! you should write a poem to put in the middle of it
mkdesigns Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003
awesome shot nice colors and the view
dr-d Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2003
Did you have in mind having the swan or something else there? Or was it just a perfectly wonderful coincidence? Seems like it would be almost lacking without the swan being there.
Either way this is great!
arkaine Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2003
WOW! This is the most perfect shot one could take at such a place eheh

The colors and the ambience you gave it are perfect!

mascotter Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
What a beautiful perfect framing of the motiv. I love it. Well done
sixhours Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2003   Photographer
Great symmetry here! Nod
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2003
I saw this one in the forum and I think it's really impressive. A stunning piece of scenery through a classic window pane. What more could one ask for?
ndifference Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2003  Professional Writer
Absolutely amazing. The framing, the perspective, the sense of distance, the tranquility, everything. One of the best photographs I have ever seen. Great eye. +fav
dandellion Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I like it, especially framing, that contrast of black lines and blue b/g.
But, swan is in 2nd plane... try to make it 'louder' another lighting, some lines in composition to lead the eye to it... something like that....

scotto Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003
This is a great composition, everything looks spot on, well done ! :) (Smile)
shocktart Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
Very lovely. Love the calmness. ^^
diabolique Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
the setting totally adds to the feeling the lone swan is conveying. did you guys know that swans will die (sometimes) if they lose their mate?
mix3d Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
great shot!
vi-chan Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
gorgeous! it's all serene and icy...i wish i could have that sort of talent and the eye for finding shots like that
jemau Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
mytical!! x-ellent shot!! Mechabug
myheadphones Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
i truly do like this one
its framed so nicley
and the composition is just amazing
:) (Smile) nothing else to be sasid really
corruptangel Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2003
Gorgeous shot! +fav :) (Smile)

hecrol Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2003
I love it... just love it
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